Guards Pt. SVERGUNETS. Berlin capture medal.

Please, meet the machine-gunner of the recon company of 27 Guards motorised rifle brigade Guards private SVERGUNETS Petr Ignatievich, 1926.
19 year old… in service since May 1944. Wounded lightly once.
Medal “For Combat Merits” for the action in Berlin, when the reconnaissance company was providing scouting support ahead of the main force, which was crossing Spree into the Plänterwald park:
In the night of 23-24 April 1945, when the battalion was force crossing the river Spree, Guards private SVERGUNETS together with a group of scouts was conducting reconnaissance of the enemy forward line. During the night, SVERGUNETS used a hand grenade and destroyed an enemy machine-gun, which harassed our rifle units crossing the river. He also captured an enemy ober-lieutenant and took him to the headquarters. During the whole battle for Berlin, he always fulfilled his objectives properly and in time. 
He proved himself as a courageous and brave scout in the fight against the German invaders.