Sr. Lt. GRISHKO. Seishin Landing Operation, 13-16 Aug 1945.

Red Star # 2028182 awarded to Naval infantry platoon commander Guards Sr. Lt. GRISHKO for the Seishin landing operation. The biggest landing operation of the Soviet troops in the Pacific theatre of operation in 1945. Despite the final success, the operation was badly organised and lacked coordination.

Due overall success on land, this landing operation was formally cancelled just a day before. But it was still decided to proceed. The air support was almost none existent due to both weather and lack of coordination. The fierce battle erupted for the town as the Japanese were constantly being reinforced by the retreating troops, but the Soviet reinforcements were slow in shipping the troops in.

GRISHKO’s unit was part of the main force (13 Naval infantry brigade), which landed yearly morning 15 August 1945.

Thanks to his skilful leadership in combat for the town Seishin, his platoon successfully attacked a group of enemy up to 50 men fortified in a school building. The enemy was defeated, which enabled further advance of the company. In this engagement, he exhibited personal courage, decisiveness, and resourcefulness.
Signed by the commander of 76 rifle battalion of 13 Naval infantry brigade of the Pacific Navy.

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