48 years delayed award for Halbe pocket, 1945

48 years delayed award for the action at Halbe pocket.
This is a catchup award: bestowed in 1945, but handed out in 1987 (the veteran was 74 y.o.). 
The RS 3782263 bestowed upon private rifleman TOSHMATOV Turambay, 1913, for the action on 27 April 1945 near the German station BARUTH (South of Berlin). 148 guards Rifle Regiment, 50 Guards Rifle Division.

Deflecting emery counter attack, and risking his life, he flanked the enemy and eliminated 11 German soldiers with his carabine and took one officer prisoner.

Overview of the actions of 50 Guards rifle division near the station Baruth in April 1945 during the Halbe pocket battle.
Positions of 50 Guars rifle division on the day of the engagement.