Machine-gunner KADYSH. Kurland pocket, March 1945.

Please, meet private KADYSH Stanislav Stepanovich, 1915. A deputy squad leader of the 2nd rifle company, 975 rifle regiment, 270 rifle division, 2 Baltic front. In combat service since August 1944. Light facial wound in November 1944.

In the offensive operation against an enemy fortified line near the village Azhi on 27 March 1945, comrade KADYSH decisively closed up with the enemy, despite heavy fire.
As a master machine-gunner, comrade KADYSH continuously fired on the move. His fire eliminated 4 enemy soldiers and dispersed an enemy platoon, which was attempting a counterattack and flacking our advancing platoon.
Being wounded, comrade KASDYSH remained with his machine-gun and with his powerful salvoes eliminated up to 6 Hitlerites.
For excellent performance in combat and achieved combat results, he deserves order Glory III class.
Commander of 975 rifle regiment
Guards Lt. Colonel /SOZONOV/

The combat diary of the 975RR states, that the opposing German force consisted of 1st battalion of 426 Grenadier-Regiment, 126. Infanterie-Division.

Combat diary of the 975RR for the day 27 March 1945.