Pilot MOISEEV shot down in 1941

Victory medal and the document for captain MOISEEV Ironim Afanasievich, 1913. A pilot of 13 fighter aviation regiment of the Baltic Fleet.
From Jan 1942 – 4 Guards fighter aviation regiment.
Then the Winter war against Finland. Awarded “Red Banner” in 1940.
June-Sep 1941 Leningrad front: 131 combat missions, 33 air fights.
Shot down and wounded on 10 Sep 1941.
Face burns and fragment wound to the left foot.
After hospitalisation sent to a transport aviation unit, but never 
managed to recover fully and remained “uneasy and tence in the air” 
according to evaluation.
Awards: ORB in 1940 , FCM in 1944, OPW1 in 1946.