Private KRIGA. Berlin battle.

Berlin and Warsaw medal documents for private first class KRIGA Pavel Semeonovich, 1924.
Mortar crew leader of 21 Guards Motorised Rifle Briagde, 1 Gu. Tank Army. 
Awarded Red Star in 1944 and Red Banner in May 1945 (Berlin battle). 
Interestingly, his original ORB recommendation was for Hero of Soviet Union title. 
It was approved 3 times up to the corps level. But was downgraded to ORB at Army level.
KRIGA and his crew was the first one to cross Spree on 23 April 1945 near Köpenick. Defending the bridgehead, his crew members had to repel enemy counterattack, in which his crew members were taken out of action. KRIGA had to take machine-gun to defend the position and held it until the main forces reinforced them.
His citation states wrong date of the action – 27 April. The Spree crossing took place on 23 April at around 13:00.