Artilleryman Sgt. FEDIN fighting against Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland

Please, meet gun commander Sgt. FEDIN Ivan Gavrilovich, 1913 of the 559 artillery regiment.
Order “Glory II class” awarded for the action on 05 October 1944 (the first day of the Memel Offensive Operation or Erste Kurlandschlacht).
The regiment combat diary mentions Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland being deployed on their left flank and the consequent engagements against the German SPGs.

The citation:
During the strong enemy defence breakthrough near the village Chyuiki, Lithuanian Soviet Socialist republic, on 05 October 1944, he delivered exceptionally precise direct fire with his gun at the enemy firing positions and troops. Being lightly wounded into his head, he didn’t abandon his gun piece and continued firing. He destroyed 3 light mortars, 4 heavy machine-guns, 3 light machine-guns, as well as suppressed two 75mm batteries and eliminated upto 12 Hitlerites. For delivering timely artillery support to the advancing infantry units and exhibited gallantry, he is worthy of order Glory II class.
Commander of 559 artillery regiment
09 October 1944 Guards Lt. Colonel signature /PETRUKHIN/