Gun commander ULCHENKO: field artillery saves the day in German counterattack.

Please, meet sr. sergeant ULCHENKO Nikolaj Dmitrievich, 1918. He was a 76mm field gun commander of 140 rifle regiment, 182 rifle “Dno” division. The order is bestowed for the “Rezhitsa-Dvina offensive”.

In the engagement for the village Zhuki, Sebezh district, Kalinin region, on 13-14 July 1944, comrade ULCHENKO rolled his gun out to an open direct fire position while subjected to the enemy heavy fire. From a distance of 50m, he blasted rapidly spot blank at the attacking German infantry. The enemy could not stand the fire and retreated to his original position, leaving many casualties on the field.
Just on 13th July, comrade ULCHENKO’s gun repelled 6 enemy counterattacks, destroying 3 enemy firing positions and about 30 enemy troops.
For courage and bravery exhibited in the struggle agains the German occupants, comrade ULCHENKO deserves a state award order Glory III class.
Commander of 140 rifle regiment Guards Major /RODIONOV/

According to the combat diary of 140RR, the German units involved in the action was “the assault battalion of 463 Inf.Reg. of 263 Inf.Div. , which replaced beaten up battalion of the 322 Inf.Reg.“. The combat diary also describes, how the Soviet 171RR suffered heavy losses lost control due to lack of reconnaissance and unfavourable terrain, which forced the troops to concentrate and being subjected to German artillery strikes. The 140RR was sent to replace 171RR, and that is when the action described in the citation took place.