Pt. BEREZIN. Karelian front.

Please, meet private first class BEREZIN Pavel Evgenievich, 1917, a rifleman of the 7 rifle company, 536 rifle regiment, 114 rifle “Svir” division, 7 army, Karelian front.

In service since May 1942, wounded lightly in his leg on 20.09.1943. The veteran was also awarded with OG2 № 26933 in November 1944. The OGIII was awarded for the “Svir-Petrozavodsk offensive” (Suurhyökkäys Syväriltä).

In the engagement for the village Obzha, Olonets district, on 24 June 1944, he was the first into the enemy trenches and thus showed the way to the rest of his unit. He took one soldier prisoner and eliminated 8. Captured two submachine guns.
For courage, bravery, and personal leadership, private first class BEREZIN deserves a state award ORDER GLORY III CLASS.
Commander of 536 rifle regiment /OGORODNIKOV/