Sgt. MALIENKO: ambushed near Cottbus, 22 April 1945.

Please, meet Sgt. MALIENKO Petr Vakulovich, 1911. He was an ammunition supply squad leader of the 199 separate light-artillery brigade. Wounded in 1941.

During the combat period since 16 April 1945, comrade MALIENKO worked as ammunition supply squad leader. He proved himself as a courageous and brave commander.
On 22 April 1945 near town Cottbus, the supply truck column was subjected to unexpected attack by the enemy submachine-gunners. Comrade MALIENKO, being in the in the leading vehicle, jumped out and braced for defence against the enemy submachine-gunners. The fight resulted in MALIENKO personally killing 3 enemy submachine-gunners and one officer.
He deserves state award – order Patriotic war II class.
29 April 1945. Battery commander 199 separate light artillery brigade Guards Sr. Lieutenant /NESTEROV/

The veteran also earned a Bravery medal in December 1943 for the actions during the Dnieper crossing.
But shortly before that, MALIENKO was in a penal company of 195RD and was declared MIA on 27 October 1943.
As the document states: “During the assault one the village Grushevka, an enemy force broke through and the contact to the penal company was lost.
But MALIENKO didn’t perish as we know from this later citations. The veteran lived at least until 1985, when he got his Jubilee OPW2.