Sr. Lt MIROSHNICHENKO: from antitank field artillery in 1941 to Head of Staff in air defence

Sr. Lieutenant MIROSHNICHENKO Pavel Antonovich, 1916. 
He was in service since 1937. Retired in 1940. Recalled in May 1941 again. 
Artillery battery commander of 45mm AT guns, 1043 rifle regiment, 285 rifle division. 
WIA in August 1941 defending Kiev
Hospitalised until July 1942. 
After that he was in serving in 103 reserve artillery regiment, 37 reserve rifle division. 
There is a MIA report on him from January 1943. Not clear for me why, as the reserve units were not usually participating in combat. Unless there was some kind of dramatic situation, in which the front line was broken and a reserve unit had to step in.
Retired from the Army in Sept 1943. 
Reinstated in the internal NKVD/MVD forces right away as air defence artillery unit Head of Staff.
He served as Head of Staff for the air defence in the southern Ukraine region till 1960.

The first Red Star was awarded in 1947 according to the decree “for wounds sustained in Patriotic war”. The citation is written after veterans recollection of the events in August 1941.
The second Red Star is a long service award for his service in MVD air defence in the Southern Ukraine region (around towns Nikolaev, L’vov, Uzhgorod). Because it is a late MVD issued award, it is not found in his register card, but only in his award booklet.