Guards captain BELYAEV: Leningrad – Stalingrad – Prague

Please, meet Guards captain BALYAEV Sergej Grigorievich, 1900. The veteran volunteered to service in Leningrad front in June 1941.

The Red Star № 1848016 was bestowed in May 1945. At this time, the veteran was the head of finances of 278 Guards rifle regiment, 93 Guards rifle division. Finances – not much shooting, is it? But, in fact, the reason for such position was a severe wound sustained on 05 March 1942 during the Leningrad battle, when BELYAEV was a rifle platoon commander.

It is, unfortunately not known which rifle unit BELYEV served in March 1942. Maybe officer service record contains the answer? But after recovery in October 1942, it appears, he was sent to either 92nd or 97th (13GuRBr) separate rifle brigades (7RC, 64A). Both were Naval infantry units and played very important roles in Stalingrad battle. 92nd was defending Mamayev Kurgan, 97th – Lysaya Gora.

In April 1943, the new 93 Guards rifle division was formed out of the 92RBr and 13GuRBr (97RBr). BELYAEV served in the newly formed 278GuRR through the remainder of the war.