Guards Lt. CHUKHLIBENKO. Seelow heights.

Guards Lt. CHUKHLIBENKO Dmitry Parfentievich, 1924.
Tank company commander, 2 battalion, 1 Guards tank brigade, 8 Guards mechanised corps, 1 Guards tank army, 1 Belorussian front.
The ORB is for the action at Seelow heights on 17-18 April 1945. 
According to the 1GuTA history, his “tank was the first to rush into the heights and in the ensuing vicious fight destroyed 2 heavy caliber cannons, suppressed 2 firing positions , and eliminated up to 40 enemy personnel.”  
After that, CHUKHLIBENKO’s company took the village Dolgelin (17/Apr @13:00) and then attacked Diedersdorf. His company captured Diedersdorf. In this engagement CHUKHLIBENKO was severely wounded in the head. 
The veteran was also bestowed with Red Star in April 1944 and OAN in March 1945.

The map of the engagements around Seelow heights, for which the veteran was awarded ORB. CHUKHLIBENKO’s portrait.
Handwritten history of the 1 Guards Tank Army, which personally mentions CHUKHLIBENKO’s feat on the Seelow heights.