In many occasions it is possible to research Soviet awards based on their serial number or the name of the recipient. The research reveals the stories behind the awards.

You can first try the database. If no hit fount, then it is possible to locate information in the archive. The “register card” document links award number to a name. Having the name, we can try locating the award citation in the free online database. The citation will have description of the feat and circumstances of the bestowal. Further options could be “extra information” or “extended research”. Some examples are shown below:

You can order the research directly contacting me. Alternatively, you can do it through my partner:

Extended research on a fighter pilot.

Extended research on a rifle company commander, KIA in 1942.

Extended research on a rifle platoon commander, KIA in 1942 in the battle for Rzhev.

Extended research on a deputy AA artillery regiment commander, Hungary 1945.